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Composite Building Materials
Lushan adhesive resins for building and construction is developed by the advanced technology of latest polymer materials. It is widely used in composite pipes, steel wire reinforced PE composite pipe, metal reinforced PE spiral corrugated pipe, continuous fiber reinforced composite pipe, Aluminum-plastic composite pipes, PPR plastic-aluminum steady-state pipes, oxygen barrier pipes, plastic-lined steel-plastic pipes and composite panels: Aluminum plastic panels, bimetallic insulation tiles, aluminum ceilings, metal backing panels, PVC/metal composite panels, aluminum honeycomb panels, etc., It is the primary choice for new type composite building materials.

Lushan adhesive film for aluminum honeycomb panel is based on the comprehensive research of domestic and overseas aluminum honeycomb adhesive, combined with the independent intellectual property rights. It adopts the latest in-situ reinforecement,ionic cross-linking reinforcement, and toughening technologies,this adhesive has been successfully developed with many years of R&D and application experience. Lushan adhesives are suitable for continuous production line, laminating, oven and other processes. 

Application: Aluminum honeycomb panel.

Features: Good bonding performance, excellent bonding durability, environmentally friendly products, no VOC emissions, easy processing, applicable for varieties of processing.

Adhesive Film for Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

Lushan adhesive resin for PVC/metal composite panel uses functional polymer materials with high performance as the matrix, combining with many years of developing, producing and application experience in the field of hot melt adhesive, it becomes a high performance product which is made by the scientific formula design and precise processing control. It has excellent performance of bonding effects for PVC,PC and metal (aluminum, galvanized steel, iron steel, etc.). 

Application: Decorative panel, Partition panel, Home appliance panel.

Features: Excellent film blowing performance, good bonding durability, suitable for continuous and automated production, and can replace traditional solvent glue.

Adhesive Resin for PVC/Metal Composite Panel

Lushan adhesive resin for back side anti-corrosion of metal is an innovative product which is successfully developed by Lushan in recent years based on the rapidly developing market of metal composite panel. It is suitable for co-extrusion to produce adhesive film, with good performance of blowing film and adhesion to metal panel. A long-lasting and effective anti-corrosion effect is formed on the surface of the metal panel. Also it's suitable for continuous and automatic processing. 

Application: Metal composite panel.

Features: Excellent blown film performance, good bonding durability, good weather resistance, applicable for different climate and temperature.

Adhesive Resin for Back Side Anti-corrosion of Metal

Adhesive resin for aluminum ceiling is the latest technological innovation achievement of Lushan National Engineering Technology Development Center. It's a modified polyolefin adhesive resin which is based on the application of aluminum ceiling market. It has formed a series and large-scale after the application by many customers. 

Application: Aluminum ceiling.

Features: Excellent blown film performance, no crystal while blowing, high bonding strength, good bonding durability, good weather resistance, applicable for different climate and temperature.

Adhesive Resin for Aluminum Ceiling

Lushan adhesive resin for bi-metal heat-insulating panel is a pioneering product which is successfully developed by Lushan according to the market demand of bi-metal heat-insulating panel.It greatly promotes the innovation of heat-insulating panel and rapid development of the industry. It is an environment friendly and safe product with good processing performance, and suitable for continuous and automatic processing.

Application: Bi-metal heat-insulating panel

Features: High bonding strength with galvanized steel and aluminum, good durability of bonding, good processing performance, easy film blowing, good weather resistance, applicable for different climate and temperature.

Adhesive Resin for Bi-metal Heat-insulating Panel

Lushan adhesive resin for aluminum composite panel has been applied to various aluminum plastic panels in domestic and abroad. It is a technological innovation achievement of Guangdong Enterprise Technology Center.It is a high-tech product that has formed a series and scale. After long-term use by customers,it has shown that this series of products have high bonding strength and good bonding effect, which can replace imported products.The products can be successfully applied to the domestic and overseas market.

Application: Aluminum composite panel

Features: High bonding strength, good processing performance, easy to blow film, resistance to oil stains on the surface of aluminum sheet and aluminum foils, and good weather resistance.

Adhesive Resin for Aluminum Composite Panel