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Films for Solar
Lushan encapsulant films for solar module are using special functional resins; Encapsulant film products are suitable for crystalline silicon, glass-backsheet modules, glass-glass modules and Thin-film modules, with advantages of excellent performance in resistance PID and active defense snail trails/ yellowing resistance, super high reflective property, high adhesion with glass and excellent adaptability. The products have passed TUV, UL, SGS and VDE certifications, and complied with the ROHS Restriction originated in the European Union.

Lushan encapsulation film, for Crystalline Silicon Glass-Backsheet module, uses special EVA resin and functional auxiliary as raw materials, by using extrusion & casting process technology for the production. It can meet variety of encapsulation technology and high-standard module encapsulation requirements, effectively reduce the cost of PV module encapsulation and extend the PV module serve life.

Application: Crystalline silicon PV Glass-Backsheet module.

Features:  Excellent optical performance, anti-aging performance, anti-humidity and anti- PID properties. 

Crystalline Silicon Glass-backsheet Module

Lushan encapsulation film, for crystalline Silicon Glass-Glass Module, uses special polyolefin resin as raw materials and modifiied process, uses extrusion & casting process technology for the production. It has the feature of high water resistance performance and high insulation performance, effectively solve the issues such as cells or bus bar shifting, bubbles appearance defects during production, also solve the PID issue in Bifacial Glass-Glass PV module.

Application: Bifacial Glass-Glass PV Module.

Features: High water resistance, high insulation, good filling effect, effective prevention of processing defects such as shifting, bubbles and lack of glue, etc.

Crystalline Silicon Glass-glass Module

Lushan encapsulation film, for Thin-film PV module, is a thermoplastic polyolefin encapsulation film which has high bonding strength, creep resistance, high encapsulate efficiency. It suitable for the encapsulation of thin-film PV modules.

Application: Thin-Film PV modules.

Performance: High volume resistivity, long-lasting adhesion, excellent aging resistance.

Thin-film PV Modules