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Anti-corrosive Materials
Lushan multi layer coating materials for oil & gas pipeline anti-corrosion system has excellent mechanical properties, high processing performance and aging resistance. With a wide range of applications, they can meet the new technology and requirements for steel pipe coating system, and greatly improve the quality while maintain economical production.

Lushan adhesive for steel pipe coating meet China national standard GB/T23257-2017, ISO21809-1, Germany standard DIN30678 and DIN30670, French standard NFA49-711 and NFA49-710, UK Royal Shell DEP31.40.30.31, Canada standard CAN/CSA -Z245.21 and Japanese standard JISG3469.

Application: Natural gas pipeline, oil pipeline, etc.

Features: No film breaking, no forked, no sticking to rolls, good film-forming properties.

Adhesive Resin for Steel Pipe Coating

Lushan adhesive powder for steel pipe coating is a high-tech product which is independently developed.The product range includes adhesive powder for 3LPE and 3LPP coating system, which meets many standards such as Europe, America, Canada, China, etc, successfully applied to many major projects. 

Application: Natural gas pipeline, oil pipeline, etc.

Features: Strong adhesion, good leveling, stable performance, wide application range.

Adhesive Powder for Steel Pipe Coating

Lushan top coat for steel pipe coating meets many standards such as GB/T23257-2017, Germany DIN30670 and DIN30678, ISO21809-1, Canada CAN/CSA-Z245.21, France NFA49-711 and NFA49-710, UK Shell DEP31.40.30.31 , Japan JISG3469. Lushan has more than 20 years of experience on projects.

Application: Natural gas pipeline, oil pipeline, etc.

Features: Excellent heat resistance, aging performance and environmental stress crack resistance, etc.

Top Coats for Steel Pipe Coating

Lushan polyolefin powders for steel pipe coating are used as outer layer of natural gas,water pipelines. It meets the standards of Germany DIN30670,Canada CAN/CSA-Z245.21 and Japan JIS3469.

Application: Natural gas pipeline, oil pipeline, etc.

Features: Excellent mechanical properties, aging resistance, extremely high environmental stress cracking resistance, good film-forming, and suitable for wide temperature range.

Polyolefin Powders for Steel Pipe Coating

Lushan sintered powder/rough coats are applied between the outer layer and counterweight layer of steel pipeline to improve the coefficient of friction and it is widely used in important marine energy mining projects at home and abroad.

Application: Oil and natural gas subsea counterweight transmission pipelines.

Features: Uniform particle distribution, good anti-skid performance, wide processing technology range, excellent adhesion to the outer layer, and extremely high aging resistance.

Sintered Powder/Rough Coats

Lushan adhesive for heat shrinkable joint coating is specially designed for the application of heat shrinking sleeve and heat shrinking tapes, etc. It has the excellent bonding strength with steel pipe and epoxy coating layer, completely compatible with polyolefin, solving the problem of unstable adhesion, and overcoming the chanllage of poor compatibility with polyethylene.

Application: Heat shrinkable sleeve, heat shrinkable tape, etc.

Features: High bonding strength, excellent chemical adhesion to metals, epoxy resins, etc., and excellent processability.

Adhesive for Heat Shrinkable Joint Coating